Nigerian Christian group slams ‘satanic antics’ of builders, regulators following church collapse

Source: RNS

ABUJA, Nigeria (RNS) Nigeria’s national Christian umbrella group is criticizing lax enforcement of construction standards in the country following the collapse of a church during an ordination ceremony.

Witnesses said at least 100 people died on Saturday (Dec. 10) in the southern city of Uyo when the Reigners Bible Church, which was still under construction, caved in during a church service being held to ordain its founder as bishop.

“Until severe sanctions are meted on those who are responsible, they may not be able to stop their satanic antics,” the Rev. Musa Asake, general secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria, said in a statement on Tuesday.

“It is no more news that buildings often collapse in the country as a result of contractors using sub-standard materials coupled with lack of building approvals or a thorough supervision by the relevant agencies,” Asake said.

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