Day: December 12, 2016

Evangelicals Love Donald Trump Because Jesus Loves Rich People

Source: The Daily Beast. A lot of coastal liberals have been shaking their heads at evangelicals these days. How, they ask, could over 80 percent of white evangelical Christians have voted for a vulgar, boastful, sexual-abuse-bragging serial adulterer married to a former nude model? Let alone the race-baiting, the biblical ignorance (“Two Corinthians”), the fraud, the tax-dodging, the […]

McConnell, senators unite behind investigation into Russian hacking

Source: CNN Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell broke with President-elect Donald Trump over Russia on Monday, saying he supports a congressional investigation into findings that Russian hackers attempted to influence the election. McConnell praised the American intelligence community, saying he has “the highest confidence in the intelligence community, and especially […]

Changing ties

Source: Dawn Washington is not inclined to compete with China for influence in Pakistan. Nor is the prospect of more Russian engagement with Pakistan likely to alter US calculations. Washington’s current mood is to continue offering assistance to support common interests — while conditioning a growing portion of aid to […]