A Message Of Tolerance And Welcome, Spreading From Yard To Yard


Source: NPR


It’s a simple sign. One message — “No matter where you are from, we’re glad you’re our neighbor.” Three languages: Spanish, English and Arabic.

They’ve popped up in Pennsylvania, Detroit, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Canada – thanks to local printers, and without any national campaign.

You can trace the journey back by word of mouth, from neighbor to neighbor or friend to friend. One resident of Washington, D.C., picked up a sign in Harrisonburg, Va. Drew Schneider, the blogger behind petworthnews.org, snapped a picture on a walk, and posted it on Instagram. Now 350 residents are about to pick up their signs.

In State College, Pa., Penn State campus minister Ben Wideman saw a post about the signs on social media. He asked his parents, visiting his sister in Harrisonburg, to pick up 10 signs. Now, he’s printed and distributed hundreds.

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