Day: December 13, 2016

If a Trump and a Muslim American can put aside their differences, why can’t we?

Source: ET In this atmosphere, my wife and I watched David Sedaris, a writer/comedian, at Beniroya Hall in downtown Seattle. Before the introduction, the host ranted against Trump, the audience groaned and moaned, and the show went on. Sedaris delivered his trademark monologue, balancing tragedy and comedy, his sister’s suicide and the idyllic Carolina […]

Jewish-Muslim hate: A manufactured enterprise of illegitimate rulers

Source: ET Autocratic regimes within the Muslim world have long practiced a contrived and self-serving anti-Semitism. They use state-controlled media and politicised clergies to cultivate anti-Jewish animus in their citizenry. It is taught in schools and mosques through selective and acontextual readings of both scripture and history. This de rigueur hatred serves such regimes several uses. It provides them with […]