Myanmar military burned Rohingya villages, Human Rights Watch says

Source: CNN

Satellite images could prove that villages in Myanmar’s restive Rakhine State were deliberately burned to the ground, according to Human Rights Watch. The organization claims that the timing of the various incidents and their “spacial trends” offer evidence of a pattern that is “consistent with military operations and not random village acts of self-immolation.” The east-to-west movement of buildings that were burned to the ground is consistent with a military sweep, according to Phil Robertson, the deputy director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia division. “Basic common sense tells you that the military are responsible for this,” he said. Human Rights Watch released before and after satellite images of specific villages it said had been burned.


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  1. Where is Myanmar’s Nobel Peace Award winning, so-called leader? There is a loud silence from her regarding the atrocities that her military is committing!

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