2. Discrimination and conflicts in U.S. society

Source: Pew Research Center

The public makes clear distinctions in assessing the extent to which some groups in the society face discrimination today. A large majority of Americans (82%) say Muslims in the United States face discrimination – with 57% saying they face “a lot” of discrimination.

But majorities also say that gays and lesbians (76%), blacks (76%), Hispanics (70%) and women (60%) face at least some discrimination. Fewer Americans say Jews (44%), evangelical Christians (42%) or whites (38%) face a lot or some discrimination.


Democrats are much more likely than Republicans to say blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, gays and lesbians and women face discrimination in society today. By contrast, Republicans are somewhat more likely than Democrats to see discrimination against evangelical Christians and whites.

Overwhelming shares of Democrats and Democratic leaners say Muslims (89%), blacks (88%), gays and lesbians (86%) and Hispanics (82%) face a lot or some discrimination in society today. And most Democrats say there is a lot of discrimination (as opposed to just some) against Muslims (69%), blacks (57%) and gays and lesbians (55%).

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