Mob wrests control of Ahmadi Mosque in Chakwal, Pakistan


Ahmadiyya Mosque in Dulmial, Chakwal, Pakistan

Protesters wrest control of Ahmadi worship place in Chakwal

Source: Express Tribune

LAHORE: Scores of people participating in a procession organised in connection with Eid Miladun Nabi on Monday wrested control of an Ahmadi worship place in Chakwal.

The charged attackers are also looking for Ahmadis to harm them. The Ahmadis, who had locked the building from inside, were not conceding control of the structure till police managed to prevail on them.

The attackers have been raising slogans of their ‘victory’. Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya spokesperson Saleemudin told The Express Tribune that local clerics had been asking Ahmadis of Dalmial to handover control of Baitul Zikr to them.

After their demand fell on deaf ears, they had ventured towards the worship place armed with batons and weapons in connection with Eid Miladun Nabi festivities, he said. The JA spokesperson said they had started raising anti-Ahmadiyya slogans on reaching the site. He said around 40 Ahmadis had locked the worship place instead of vacating it.

Upon discovering this, the protesters started pelting stones at the building and resorted to aerial firing, Saleemuddin said. The JA spokesperson claimed that police were not able to control the demonstrators. He said police had been trying to get the Ahmadis to relinquish control of the site to curb tension.

DPO Munir Marth remained unavailable for comments.

Owing to Eid Miladun Nabi celebrations, the security of Ahmadi worship places is also tightened as during this month hate speeches by different Khatem-e-Nabuwat groups spew hatred against Ahmadis. Heavy contingents of police are deployed at their two major places of worship in Lahore at Garhi Shahu and Model Town. These both places of worship were attacked in 2010.

It is also pertinent to mention that since Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced the naming of the QAU’s National Center of Physics after noble laureate Abdus Salam a new hate campaign was initiated against Ahmadis by right wing elements demanding the PM rescind the directive.


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  1. Atrocities against Ahmadiyya followers now get deaf and dumb response in Pakistan. Everyone considers the followers of community not human being. State sponsored cruelties each day crossing the limits.
    Those involved or silent spectators forget the presence of God who cares a lot for its creature be of any color, race or religion. Minor jolts and natural calamities keep on coming to remind Pakistanis about the presence of God. However it looks as each has closed eyes to these signs.Am afraid if nation continuously failed to rise against this inhuman behavior nature will play its role and then it will be very late to repent.

  2. If authorities fail to protect its peaceful citizen from harm then nature will stand up to defend the weak and punish the Nimrod of the time as was done again and again

  3. How are those bigots allowed to get away with such discrimination and atrocities against minorities? But no doubt it’s an extension of what is going on in the rest of the Muslim world, which is now more or less being controlled by ISIS and the Taliban with their specific agenda to create their version of an Islamic world, which in fact is not Islamic at all, since most of their practices would not have been approved by the Prophet Mohammed. Very sad!

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