The curse of interruption addiction You might think multitasking is amazing, but your brain is not happy about it

Source: BBC

By Renuka Rayasam

When instant messaging became popular in the 1990s, Judi Wineland was not a fan.

The constant disruption of chat pop-ups made it difficult for her to accomplish daily tasks. But that wasn’t the case for others in her office — especially the younger people.

It completely backfires in every sense of the word

“I’d see these kids multitask and wonder if something is wrong with me,” says Wineland, who has run adventure travel companies since 1978 and now co-manages two companies in the US, AdventureWomen and Thomson Safaris.

But she realised the inability to multitask — in essence, ignoring regular disruptions — had an upside: “It made me much better at running the company.”

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