12-year-old attempted to bomb Christmas market in south Germany: prosecutors

Source: The Local

The boy, a German citizen of Iraqi heritage, attempted to blow up the device at the Ludwigshafen Christmas market on November 26th. When the device failed to detonate he gave up, before trying again on December 5th, prosecutors said on Friday. This time he took the explosive device, hidden in a rucksack filled with nails, and placed it in a bush near the town hall. Fortunately a pedestrian spotted the bag and alerted police, who then had specialists carry out a controlled explosion, Focus magazine reported on Thursday, citing security sources.The 12-year-old, born in the town in Rhineland-Palatinate in 2004, had been radicalized and was encouraged to carry out the attack by an as-yet unknown member of the Isis terror group, according to Focus.According to an earlier report by police investigators, the explosive material had been created out of the ingredients of fireworks and sparklers and was flammable but not explosive.Because the boy is under 13 he cannot be tried for a crime. Instead youth workers have been assigned to care for him. Federal prosecutors are however investigating the possibility that a terror network supported the attempted attack.


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