Fakt ist ! : National President Ahmadiyya Germany debates Björn Höcke of AfD

Source: Rabwah Times.

On Monday June 6th Germany’s MDR Tv hosted a live debate between National President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Germany, Abdullah Uwe Wagishauser and Björn Höcke, who is the leader of Germany’s Alternative for Germany (AfD) party which is known for its ant-Islam stance.

Wagishauser, 66, converted to Islam when he was young, and has headed Germany’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community for the last 32 years. The community which is building a Mosque in Erfurt, Thuringia has faced strong opposition from AfD state lawmaker Björn Höcke and PEGIDA.



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  1. The whole discussion needs not to be translated. Main points are in Eastern part of Germany people do not know much about Islam and Ahmadiyya. It is third mosque in East proposed by Ahmadiyya. Not many Ahmadiyya live in the cities of East Germany. Mr Wagishauser intimated 100 mosque plan is under way and accordingly a mosque has been planned in this area. People object when Ahmadiyya has only 75 members why they need mosque. Reply given since decades these Ahmadies are praying in houses and like followers of other religion they also need a proper place for worship. It was further said that previously almost 225 Ahmadies were residing here but due to absence of Mosque many migrated to other cities of Germany. Now mosque is constructed may be many come back. A day earlier a meeting was held with locals in which many questions were replied. Professor lady is fully supporting the Ahmadiyya as a peaceful group of Islam. The political party AFD is claiming 97% population of the area is against construction of mosque. And being political party they are determined to respect the majority opinion. According to Ahmadiyya, dialogue process has started and in first meeting many misunderstandings removed. Now Ahmadiyya plans to have more meetings at smaller level with local population. Hopefully with passage of time atmosphere will calm down and Jamaat may be able to construct a mosque here.
    Due to current bad global Islamic reputation it may not be an easy job and lot of prayers and efforts will be required to accomplish this project. Any way some times it is blessings and disguises. With this program millions got the message of Ahmadiyya.

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