Jordan shuts down Muslim Brotherhood headquarters


Police in Jordan have shut the headquarters of the main opposition movement, the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood (MB), group officials say.

The building in the capital Amman was cleared and sealed on city governor’s orders, an MB leader told Reuters.

No reason was given for the closure, the official added.

The MB has a large support base in urban areas and its political wing, the Islamic Action Front (IAF), is one of Jordan’s strongest parties.

However, the IAF has boycotted the past two parliamentary elections and a rise in militant Islam in the region has increasingly strained relations between the MB and the authorities.

The authorities have sporadically cracked down on the group, jailing a leader last year for criticising Jordan’s ally the UAE.

In March 2014 the Brotherhood split, with a newly formed, moderate, officially licensed branch saying it had cut ties to the regional movement.

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  1. My spidey senses are tingling again – is this really a shock to anyone? My guess is these guys were planning an extensive year long party complete with bake sales, rides for the kids, and high tea served promptly at 4pm each day. More like another not so well intentioned group up to no good.

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