Day: April 8, 2016


SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT- Early last month Fiji Government made an official launch of FIJI AIRWAYS non-stop direct flight from SFO International Airport. Travelers can book their flights by visiting the FIJI AIRWAYS website. Our press team was there to capture the highlights of the event. Fiji was recently ravaged […]

The Media Owes Us The Truth About Islam

Source: The media owes all of us the truth and nothing else. In other words they have a journalistic duty to portray the facts as they are. But sadly they have become disingenuous in carrying out their duty when it comes to viewing the truth about Islam. According to […]

The Bible Meets the Salamander

Source: The New York Times By Gail Collins Amid all the truly awful things state legislatures do, one of the rare bright spots has been the naming of official symbols. Who was ever made unhappy by the designation of a state rock? Tennessee, alas, is screwing up the record. The governor […]