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Of Fiji decent, am editor pulisher, author, public speaker, management devlopment specialist and interfaith worker.

Anti-Ahmadi hate crime has gone unchecked for too long – and the consequences are terrifying

Source: Independent By Fiyaz Mughal @TellMamaUK Tuesday 11 October 2016 56 comments A personality cult has developed around Tanveer Qadri, the jailed murderer of Asad Shah, with groups of young men praising him and religious sermons glorifying his terrible actions Anti-Ahmadi hatred is a form of sectarian racism that has long gone unchecked […]


Sikh Americans targeted as Muslims Posted by 4freepress on September 18, 2016  HAYWARD – (SFO BAY AREA) B Street-based KURDWARA SAHIB Sikh temple hosted a dinner here at the Star King Unitarian Congregation for interfaith community at the screening of DIVIDE WE FALL a two-hour documentary that catalogs a backlash at […]

All Islam Ummah, Imam Bilal: Fijisun USA

ALL ISLAM UMMAH, IMAM BILAL- FIJISUN USA I an effort to prepare for the upcoming ‘CALIPHATE” IN TODAY’S TIME: underscoring the impact of current terrorist activities, I sought to interview panelist Imam Bilal both the rekindled our old friendship and get an insight into his perspective. Imam Bilal, who is learned in […]

Peace Keepers Day: Pakistan Post

Pakistan Embassy DC, hosted a Peace Keepers Day and recognized some of its brave leaders. (Pictures by Dr. Kashif Chaudry )   PAKISTAN POST, while deeply admirable of Jibran Nasir’s stand against the Blasphemy Law of Pakistan, Pakistan Post disagrees with him that only social activities like he does is the […]


SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT- Early last month Fiji Government made an official launch of FIJI AIRWAYS non-stop direct flight from SFO International Airport. Travelers can book their flights by visiting the FIJI AIRWAYS website. Our press team was there to capture the highlights of the event. Fiji was recently ravaged […]