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Of Fiji decent, am editor pulisher, author, public speaker, management devlopment specialist and interfaith worker.

Hindu Universalism-BJP: MNEWS

By Dr. M H Koya Admittedly, it is the hardcore BJP, India’s Ruling Party Agenda to promote Hinduism as an international faith under its banner: VISHWA HINDU PARISHAD – world-wide Hindu campaign master-minded by once imprisoned BJP stalwart Advani. This campaign was launched after the demolition of the famous Babri […]

Israel converts Mosque into bar

Reposted by Dr M H Koya Source: Middle East Monitor The Israeli municipality in Safed has turned Al-Ahmar Mosque into a bar and events hall, Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported yesterday. As one of the most historical mosques in the Arab city, which was occupied by the Jewish gangs in 1948, the […]

US Muslims Condemn Tennessean AD

US MUSLIMS CONDEMN TENNESSEAN AD ” ISLAM IS GOING TO DETONATE NUCLEAR DEVICE. By Dr. M H Koya Suggested reading by the Muslim Times Tennessee paper religious ad claims ‘Islam’ will detonate nuclear bomb in Nashville The Muslim Times has the best collection to refute Islamophobia and for counter terrorism Pulitzer Prize Winner, Garry […]

Iraqi Blacks Plight: THE NATIONAL

Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 June 2020 UAE Edition   Black Iraqis say George Floyd’s death sheds light on their own centuries-long plight The community, many of whom are descendants of African slaves, want recognition as a minority group Mina Aldroubi and Azhar Al-Rubaie June 18, 2020 The death of George Floyd during […]

Egypt Army to be ready, Sisi

Report: The Muslim News from Middle East Monitor By. Dr. H.Koya Egypt’s Sisi orders army to be ready for missions abroad amid tensions over Libya Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi at the House of Representatives in Cairo, Egypt on 2 June 2018 [Egyptian President Office/Apaimages] Egyptian President Abdel Fattah […]

ProIsraeli Journalist stripped off citizenship

Reposted by THE MUSLIM NEWS By Dr H. Koya Saudi Arabia: Pro-Israel journalist stripped of citizenship for possessing false documents journalist Hamid Al-Ghabin [Twitter] June 20, 2020 at 10:23 am 98 SHARES The Saudi Ministry of Interior has confirmed that journalist Hamid Al-Ghabin was stripped of his citizenship not due to his […]

May practice without test:ABA

Toggle navigation Home Daily News Many would-be lawyers are allowed to practice… BAR EXAM Many would-be lawyers are allowed to practice law without exam in Washington state BY DEBRA CASSENS WEISS JUNE 16, 2020, 12:04 PM CDT Share Image from Graduates of ABA-accredited law schools who are registered for the […]

Islamic Legal System: MNEWS

  Evolution of Islamic Legal System By Dr. H. Koya 1.0  Introduction This is a brief overview of what I believe began in the right way with right intent. However, the process of evolution was cut short due in main for the fall of Islamic Khilafat. The credit in fact […]

Khilafat Min Hajjin Nabwah: MNEWS

KHILAFAT DAY From Khilafah By Dr. H. Koya Editorial Note The questioned of Khilafah has plagued the inquisitive minds of  modern Muslims for quite sometimes. Some are confused, some deny its return, and some are sure, as the Holy Prophet (sas) predicted will return in the latter days. Here is […]

Press Release on Police Brutality MNEWS

Both as the editor/publisher of The Muslim News, Fiji Sun USA and Interfaith America News as well as the Secretary Publication of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, Bay Point Chapter, it is my solemn duty to appeal for non-violence, peaceful demeanor, obedience to law and order and not NOT to […]

Khashoggi Forgiveness Islamic? I NEWS

  By Dr. H. Koya The Khashoggi murder case made headlines all over the world  when it took place or was executed. Without getting too legal and not using my investigative and prosecutorial  prowess, I agree with the CIA findings. Regrettably, in today’s Islam we do not have a legal […]