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Of Fiji decent, am editor pulisher, author, public speaker, management devlopment specialist and interfaith worker.

Anti-Ahmadi hate crime has gone unchecked for too long – and the consequences are terrifying

Source: Independent By Fiyaz Mughal @TellMamaUK Tuesday 11 October 2016 56 comments A personality cult has developed around Tanveer Qadri, the jailed murderer of Asad Shah, with groups of young men praising him and religious sermons glorifying his terrible actions Anti-Ahmadi hatred is a form of sectarian racism that has long gone unchecked […]


Sikh Americans targeted as Muslims Posted by 4freepress on September 18, 2016  HAYWARD – (SFO BAY AREA) B Street-based KURDWARA SAHIB Sikh temple hosted a dinner here at the Star King Unitarian Congregation for interfaith community at the screening of DIVIDE WE FALL a two-hour documentary that catalogs a backlash at […]

All Islam Ummah, Imam Bilal: Fijisun USA

ALL ISLAM UMMAH, IMAM BILAL- FIJISUN USA I an effort to prepare for the upcoming ‘CALIPHATE” IN TODAY’S TIME: underscoring the impact of current terrorist activities, I sought to interview panelist Imam Bilal both the rekindled our old friendship and get an insight into his perspective. Imam Bilal, who is learned in […]

Peace Keepers Day: Pakistan Post

Pakistan Embassy DC, hosted a Peace Keepers Day and recognized some of its brave leaders. (Pictures by Dr. Kashif Chaudry )   PAKISTAN POST, while deeply admirable of Jibran Nasir’s stand against the Blasphemy Law of Pakistan, Pakistan Post disagrees with him that only social activities like he does is the […]