Fallacies of Western Democracy-MNEWS

Fallacy and deficiency of Western Democracy

By Dr. H. Koya

The Trump impeachment trial brought to the fore the fallacies and deficiencies of the Western Democracy pitted against the Islamic Democracy.

Between the two extremes Democracy (based on total freedom) and Autocracy (total control), Islam offers a middle course with everything in moderation.

It silences the notion that majority is right and mutes the idea that one man alone cannot always be right. A consensus-based decision is mandatory to be a national leader.

What we saw in the Trump Trial, the Republican power of majority in the Senate, the only occasion in the US Constitution where a two thirds majority is required to convict a President of “High Crime or Misdemeanor.”

While the Republicans for the most part agreed that it was a case of High Crime, meaning, treasonous or felonious, but the President did not commit the crime, a totally wild and political view that does not resonate with the rule of law in criminal penal code. In addition, the added and escapist idea falsehood that Trump did not continue to incite the rioters after he called for “clam.” On the contrary, Trumps words of fo home is spiced with the same false idea that the election was stolen from him. The Republic turned a blind eye tp that, and the fact the crowd sought Republican Vice President Pence.

Two party system

For today’s political approach, the two- party system is not out of place, but it is not mandatory for the existence of democracy.

Farsightedness of the forefathers?

 It is often bragged that it was the farsightedness of the forefathers of the US Constitution that were able to sore see deep into the future and wrote the Constitution with such credibility. Not being the Holy Bible of the Holy Quran, the man written Document or Constitution cannot be Divine and free from limitations.

Check and balance!

Not withstanding the two-party (or multiple party system as it eventually turned out to be), with the capability of adequately discussing the pros and cons at one venue, the creation of Senate (borrowing from Lower House in the motherland England ), the power of imbalance in the Senate is a thorn in the thigh now. This was not seen by the forefathers at the time of writing.

Departure or adhesiveness?

In the effort to distancing and being different from England, Americans succeeded in creating their own accented English, changed English spelling (check from cheque), wrote their own Constitution with President as apposed Monarchy, or Prime Minister-system) they could not do much to differ from them.

However, the Americans do differ from England in terms of Constitution, and if am not wrong England still does not have a Constitution that I learned when 20 years ago when examining over 13 Constitutions Administration class).

Common Law the touchstone

In developing their own legal system, the Americans could not run away from the English Common Law which to this day remains the touchstone of American laws. They could not debunk the Criminal Law and Civil Law that existed in England.  

In the regard alone, those who say American Law different are living in a fool’s paradise.

Islamic Democracy

Not necessarily keen on two-party or multi-party system, Islamic democracy can be referred to as a Board of Directors approach where elected officials standing on their merits can represent their jurisdictions. Numbers of candidates may be decided on the size and population of the jurisdiction.


The key in the meeting procedure is to arrive at a consensus, and where necessary voting is allowed. Majority vote counts with the cervicale that the leader has power of veto if he sees a decision is not in the best interest of the nation.

Separation of Church and State in Islam

Sometimes people confuse spiritual leadership of Islam with the temporal head of state.

It is important to understand spiritual leaders in Islam are appointed by Allah for the spiritual guidance and wellbeing of the followers. It is not a political position; a spiritual leader does not seek a political election.

However, his spiritual allegiance is binding on a national leader in as much as on the general membership. A national is free to seek spiritual guidance and blessings of an Islamic spiritual leader appointed by God.

Unless there is a glaring breach of Islamic laws, there is no directives given by the spiritual leader.

The US Senate

The Trump trial and his presidency amply demonstrated the usefulness or lack of it in the US political history that he tried to alter n many fronts.

Instead of being a check and balance tool, the US Senate under Republicans overwhelmingly showed that it is detrimental platform to overturn justice in the country.

The days are not too far, when Americans will get sick and tired of politics of favoritism and disregard to justice and larger public interest, will vote for major change Constitutional change to eliminate Senate altogether for unity, efficiency, justice, and cost containment.

Fiji is one single country that got rid of the Senate for many good reasons.

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  1. An interesting take on what happened in the American Senate. The U.S. governmental system is definitely in need of an overhaul. The Islamic countries and Islamic systems of Government are not a good substitute for Western systems because of the overlap of secular & religious. The separation of Church and State means that political leaders should not feel obligated to turn to religious figures for counsel & guidance, other than on a personal basis. Allowing religious parties to run for and hold office in the political sphere is to sow the seeds for division and conflict. The problem is that religious figures crave power just like secular figures and usurp their religion for political purposes. The belief that spiritual leaders are somehow appointed by God and therefore superior is equivalent to believing the Qanon theories. The ideas behind the formation of the U.S. Senate made more logic in 1776 than in 2021. What America needs to do is to find a way to take the money out of politics and return the Congress to becoming subservient to the people again and not the “special interests”.

    • Thanks to my drarest Jewish Robbie fir sharing his candid views. God bless you. Hope you doing fine Tel Aviv.
      Hope to see later this year by which time it is my great widh an prayers God will grant absolute relief from the Coronavirus Pendamic. Hope also you will have completed a movie for launch

      God bless you.

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