Day: February 16, 2021

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Stockholm organizes webinar: “Freedom of speech is not for tearing societies apart”

Source: Kashif Virk, Missionary, Sweden On 26 January 2021, a webinar was arranged by Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Stockholm on the topic of “Limits of Freedom of Speech”.  The event was held in light of recent events, which, in the public debate, were associated with freedom of speech such as burning the […]

Jamat-e-Ahmadiyya New Zealand’s “Discover Islam campaign” – A Report

Source: Sabahuzafar, Missionary New Zealand To spread the message of Islam and remove misconceptions amongst the public, Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya New Zealand has recently been continuing its Discover Islam campaign, visiting various towns and cities across the country.  The Discover Islam team first visited Tauranga, a coastal city in New Zealand’s […]

100 Years Ago… Hazrat Musleh-e-Maud (ra) draws attention to follow Surah al-Nur for spiritual & moral improvement in Ahmadi Muslims

Source: Al Fazl, 14 February 1921 Hazrat Syed Sarwar Shahra(1873-1947) Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II[ra], while explaining Surah al-Nur of the Holy Quran in his dars [sermon], said that this chapter contains the method of moral and spiritual improvement for Muslims and highlights the means through which mutual unity can be achieved. Members […]

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Guildford seeks nomination for Local Hero Award

Source: “Our community takes its inspiration from the example of the founder of Islam, The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). – Khalid Bhatti, President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Guildford branch. Nominations are welcomed from across the boroughs of Guildford and Farnborough, which encompasses the […]

“Healing our broken world”, by Laiq Ahmed Atif, President Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta

Source: | by Laiq Ahmed Atif, President Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta Healing our broken world We must re-write our future ambitions, based on unity, peace, love, compassion – Laiq Ahmed Atif In his New Year’s Day message, the worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community drew attention towards the hardships faced […]

Jordan’s soft diplomacy

Feb 15,2021 – JORDAN TIMES – Jawad Anani Even during my early years in politics, I was obsessed with the intricacies of Jordan’s foreign policy. His Majesty the late, great King Hussein conducted this policy with the panache of a stage director. From a spectator’s perspective, this diplomacy was made […]