Civil Unrest Khalifa warned: Fiji Sun USA

In a national TV Interview Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V said in unmitable terms that what was happening in USA could lead to civil unrest.

An elect of Allah, the Khalifa (Caliph) os Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is endowed with wisdom to understand clearly the world situation and offer God’s warnings in the scriptures and guide the mankind to take the right course of action. His primary responsibility is to discourage wrong doing and do good deeds for the benefit of all mankind.

The interviewing host is quite surprised, you will notice in the video, when the Khalifa sahab makes his point in answers to his questions. He seemed in disbelief.

Those of us who abide by the Khalifa knew without doubt his prophet words will come true if the leader(s) did not pay heed.

What followed in the recent few days with the Rioters Storming Nation’s House of Law at the Capitol Hill, DC, was a clear fulfillment of the his words.

Build up

Donald Trump makes it very clear that Muslims will be banned.

“Islam Hates US”

“Islam Is a Dark Religion” ( His main campaign architect designed).

His consistent incitement and bullying or his onw appointees, firing, and trashing DOJ, FBI, undermining the US Constitution have had a combine effect.

He staged and led a mob to storm the Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021. Over 60 people have been charged with Federal Crimes. The larger question remains How about the person who instigated the mob?

The unfolding events in the next weeks will show clearly the rests after the fact.

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