France Blasphemy. Imam by Allah. Fijisun

By Dr H Koya

France is cracking down on influx of Imam, with a new law to ensure certification. Triggers off reactions. The term Imam is troubling as it is reserved to the Divinely appointed Imams, but in recent times the term has been freely assumed and used by any and everyone in the mainstream Muslim world.

I had my own reservations when I noticed that every one trying to speak on Islam IN USA was using the title Imam with their name on their business cards.

Khakifa of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community issued a timely warning to all his missionaries to abstain from using the title Imam preceding their name which in effect they are not. There is only one Imam and that’s the Khakifa aka Amir Ul Mominin appointed by Allah.

Tragically, many Muslims who are just village mosque Mullahs, who lead daily prayers think they are Imam, not understanding it is real meaning and importance.

In the Christian world, one has to be an ordained priest to be a pastor .

Muslims have no such prerequisites. From this standpoint , when there is so much confusion and misleading information amid terrorist attacks and Muslim extremism, France has the right to double check them and if necessary impose a certification process.

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