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By Dr. M H Koya

Admittedly, it is the hardcore BJP, India’s Ruling Party Agenda to promote Hinduism as an international faith under its banner: VISHWA HINDU PARISHAD – world-wide Hindu campaign master-minded by once imprisoned BJP stalwart Advani.

This campaign was launched after the demolition of the famous Babri Masjid at Ayodhiya a sacred place of Hindus in India over twenty years ago when I was a budding publisher of of my FIJI SUN USA monthly tabloid here in San Francisco Bay Area.

The Advani team aggressively promoted the VHP agenda here in USA. Its militant an arrogant approach led me to withdraw my publication as part of a newly launched India Post by Dr. Romesh Japra who replaced a very moderate and highly experienced Indian Editor Mr. Keshwan with whom I had built a great rapport.

The VHP did not get enough oxygen in USA and subsequent political changes in India put their agenda in the shelves.

It is quite clear that VHP agenda was prefaced on the fall of Babri Masjid and with an enraged motivation to promote Hinduism at an international level in contrast to Islamic world wide message for all mankind.

The fallacy

The fallacy of the VHP Agenda is that Hindu faith itself is not universal as it primarily serves the higher class of India to the exclusion of the lower class created in the faith, the Brahmans being the very top. Whereas Islam does not have any class barrier. It addresses all mankind as in”YA AIYUHANAAS” (O Mankind)

Clash with Islam

The VHP agenda is in direct clash with the Divine Islamic ideology that God has chosen Islam as the final call, final creed, and final law for all mankind.

The Modi approach

The present BJP Modi-led Indian Government has taken a soft-paddling approach starting with “SUB KA SAAT SUB KA VIKAASH” ( With everyone and for everyone) a catchy slogan which motivated scores of Indian Muslims to support Modi despite his hands being reddened by the killing of scores of Muslims under his watch as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. In addition, the unforgotten and unforgettable Mecca Masjid slaughter of Muslims who were fired upon under Modi from the back as they were leaving the scene.

Instead on going hardcore old Advani-led BJP, Modi launched Yoga as a means to sustain, resuscitate, and implement Hinduism. He succeeded in securing good support in Dubai with permission build a first Hindu Temple, a landmark victory for him.

Domestic challenge with limitations on Muslim practices

With the banning of Beef slaughtering and other animals on Eid ul Adha he touched on the most sensitive issues which even the Hindus decried and hit back at Modi, exposing the hidden hypocrisy that billions of Dalits and low class eat beef for survival as well huge meet export to Middle Eastern Muslim countries.

VHP Agenda Falls on its face

On both fronts, competing with Islamic Philosophy of message for the ALL MANKIND and serving the domestic needs and agenda, the VHP Agenda has fallen on its face and will never ever see the light of day for a universal dominance, a sacred place divinely secured for Islam only.

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4 replies

  1. Most Hindus argue that there is no conversion in Hinduism like Christians and Muslims do. VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishat) Universal Hindu Campaign is geared for just that to promote it as world fiath and attract more converts to the faith.
    It is very paradoxical to say their no conversion campaign.
    Suddi campaign carried out world wide among the Indian diaspora 100 years ago (including in Fiji) were a direct and aggressive campaign to convert Muslims to Hindu faith.

    • Renate Chaudry, I am talking about Hindu cast system compared to no cast system in Islam. Stay course with the subject discussed.
      There is no cast system of any kind in Islam.
      If one joins Hindu faith, he will be regarded as an UNTOUCHABLE CLASS like Dalits etc.
      You will never become a high class Brahman.
      Given that scenario, how cam Hindu faith be universal. It just falls flat on its nose. Don”T even try to universalize it.
      Islam addresses all mankind and invites the whole mankind to its hold without FORCE.

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