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  1. About the Sunni / Shia divide. My observation is that it is not so much a religious struggle but a political one / power struggle.

    Religious? Do you see any Sunnis trying to convert Shias? or the other way round? I do not think so.

    Iran / Saudi Arabia is a power struggle, and not a religious one.

    Shias in Iraq. Well, they are in the majority and according to democratic habits they are now in power. Not because of anything religious.

    I am not saying that religion does not come into it at all, like the crazy happenings in Karachi just now. But generally speaking now and in history it was mostly a case of power.


  2. Yes, totally political and nothing whatsoever to do with religion and everything to do with a power struggle….

    Btw, while the Hindus claim that their religion is the oldest in the world and hence their adherence to it, the Qur’an tells us that Allah has sent many messengers to Humankind through time with one basic message – that He is the Creator and to worship Him Alone.

    But, over time like so many other examples from the people of the Book (who are nearer to us in time), these messages got adulterated and people started worshiping either the messengers and/or other things.

    Allah, had NEVER in ALL of his previous messages claimed that the message was for all times and climes because people were still evolving and hardly much interaction between different peoples and especially in their thinking. The Qur’an is the ONLY message which has made that claim!

    Therefore, if the followers of the oldest religion in the world had really followed their messenger/s, they would have automatically accepted Islam and the holy prophet Muhammad (saw). Unfortunately, they did not and hence the disagreements presently ongoing….

    The Hindus cannot claim that they are right just because they are following the oldest religion. In fact, there is hardly anything in their belief which at present makes any sense logically!

    In fact, referring to the Qur’an and the account of Abraham (as), with his idol worshiping people is a good example where the Hindus are concerned.

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