Day: April 24, 2016

Islam, interment and Greece

Burying drowned migrants is part of a broader Greek problem Apr 20th 2016, 12:55 by M.TZ. and ERASMUS | MYTILENE THE newly established graveyard, a short drive west of Mytilene port, is a desperately sad place. In the middle of an olive grove, there are dozens of mounds of crumbly earth, some created only a […]

Toronto: India media mogul Dr. Subhash Chandra translates honour into help

Cheque for $50,000, which accompanies award, given to educational charity Ekal Vidyalaya. KEITH BEATY / TORONTO STAR Order this photo Zee Tv Group founder Dr. Subhash Chandra speaks Friday at a news conference prior to being honoured with the Global Indian Award by the Canada-India Foundation. He’ll now be donating […]

The Announcement

Nasrudin stood up in the market-place and started to address the throng. ‘O people! Do you want knowledge without difficulties, truth without falsehood, attainment without effort, progress without sacrifice?’ Very soon a large crowd gathered, everyone shouting: ‘Yes, yes!’ ‘Excellent!’ said the Mulla. ‘I only wanted to know. You may […]

Pope Francis has broken a pledge.

Source. The Daily Beast. “We are not only disgusted and alarmed, but we realize there is a serious danger,” Minnesota attorney Jeff Anderson said during a press conference last week.  “Pope Francis has broken a pledge. This priest is a predator who needs to be stopped, and they have chosen not […]

Why anti-Muslim hate statistics don’t tell the full story

Source. ET PHOTO: REUTERS The number of police-reported hate crimes against Muslim-Canadians more than doubled over a three-year period (2012 to 2014), according to figures released by Statistics Canada earlier this month. Meanwhile in the US, various groups, including the FBI, have documented an eight-fold increase in hate crime since 2000. As alarming as these […]