The “correct way” for Muslim men to discipline their wives.

Source.Daily Mail

  • Family therapist Khaled Al-Saqaby releases video on ‘wife discipline’
  • He advises Muslim men to speak to their wives about disobedience first
  • Then men should ‘forsake their spouses in bed’ by turning backs on them
  • Finally they should ‘beat their wives’ but ‘not to vent their anger’ 

A Saudi family therapist has released a video on the ‘correct way’ for Muslims to ‘discipline their wives’ – but advised doing so using a toothpick or handkerchief.
Khaled Al-Saqaby released the footage earlier this year and admitted on camera it was a ‘thorny’ issue, adding: ‘Allah willing, we will cross this bridge safely’.

Mr Al-Saqaby urges men not to physically abuse their wives but pursue three courses of action should they need ‘discipline’ – first talk to them, then ‘forsake them in bed’ and finally beat them.

He said wives ‘undoubtedly’ caused problems because many ‘want to live a life of equality with their husbands’, which is a ‘very grave problem’.

More and watch a video.

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  1. Husband should always behave nicely as per teachings of Quran. In Punjab Pakistan a bill has been introduced for nasty husbands. However is causing trouble to Mullahs.

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