Day: April 15, 2016

Toronto Imam on Daesh hit list

By: Sarah-Joyce Battersby Staff Reporter, Published on Thu Apr 14 2016 Just days after celebrating cultural bridges, a Toronto imam has been targeted in a Daesh hit list. The self-declared Islamic State called out Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick along with other Muslims in the West, urging followers to kill them for […]

PM Nawaz up for ‘sale’ on eBay

Source: ET PHOTO: FILE Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif just can’t seem to catch a break. Currently embroiled in the Panama Leaks scandal, the PM seems to have courted another controversy. As strange as it may sound, Sharif is up for sale on eBay and so far there have been 100 bids […]

OIC chief: Muslims expect a 10-year action plan

Iyad Madani. (AP) ARAB NEWS Published — Friday 15 April 2016 ISTANBUL: Muslims nations must stand together to help the Palestinians suffering under Israeli occupation, fight terrorism and resolve conflicts across the region, Iyad Madani, secretary-general of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), said here Thursday. In a speech at […]

The high cost of learning

Nasrudin decided that he could benefit by learning something new. He went to see a master musician. ‘How much do you charge to teach lute-playing’? ‘Three silver pieces for the first month; after that, one silver piece a month.’ ‘Excellenct!’ said Mulla Nasrudin. ‘I shall begin with the second month.’ […]

Few chances of success

Apr 14,2016 – JORDAN TIMES EDITORIAL The resumption on Wednesday of Syria peace talks in Geneva coincides with continued violence in this Arab country and stubborn differences regarding the issues to be discussed first. While there is now a broad agreement that the political transition issue should figure high on […]