Humanity First Canada on the World Stage at the United Nations in Geneva

Recently Humanity First was at the United Nations showcasing its Syrian Refugee Resettlement Model to the world.

UNHCR invited Humanity First to attend its High Level Meeting of Member Countries at the United Nations in Geneva to discuss resettlement of Syrian Refugees. The Government of Canada invited Humanity First to do a presentation on its behalf about our sponsorship program for Syrian Refugees which was showcased as a very successful model.

United Nations Geneva

As part of the Canadian panel, Dr. Aslam Daud, Chairman of Humanity First Canada, made a presentation about the success story of Humanity First Refugee Resettlement Program. More than 100 countries attended the high level meeting of United Nations in Geneva. The event was attended by a significant number of ambassadors and ministers of these countries of which many of them later asked Humanity First Canada to provide more details of the program.


The High Level Meeting on Syrian Refugees at the Palais de Nations, Geneva, was chaired by the UN Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon.


Later, the Humanity First delegation consisting of Dr. Aslam Daud from Canada, Khalil Ahmad and Ibrahim Ikhlaf from UK had the honour of meeting the United Nations Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon and briefly introduced Humanity First and its programs. The delegation also met with UNHCR High Commissioner for Refugees.  Humanity First displayed a banner of Humanity First program and also distributed the brochure to participants.

Humanity First has successfully resettled around 200 Syrian Refugees in Canada and has sponsored many more. Humanity First is working with more than 54 groups consisting of more than 500 volunteers, who are providing funding and support to the refugee families.

The sponsored families are getting excellent support and services. Most of the families are getting fully furnished free accommodation and a decent amount of monthly allowances in addition to initial settlement support which includes, household items, clothing, furniture and much more. We also continue to provide groceries on request basis.


A profound infrastructure of Syrian Refugee Resettlement is in place which facilitates the Syrian families in their smooth resettlement in Canada. Prior to the arrival of the Syrian family, Humanity First provides training to our groups/teams  on re-settlement and ensures they have a comprehensive  settlement plan to follow and enough funds to support the family, in accommodation, employment, education and various other areas of needs.



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