Day: April 28, 2016

What is above and what is below

A headstrong grandee had obtained from the Sultan the rights of share-cropping on the land occupied by Nasrudin. When the Court clerk asked him what crop he wanted to share, he merely said: ‘Just put in “whatever is above the ground”.’ He presented himself at the Mulla’s house with the […]

USA: How Scientology Silences Its Critics

In the doc ‘My Scientology Movie,’ filmmaker Louis Theroux interviews many ex-Scientologists about how the Church of Scientology and leader David Miscavige intimidate apostates. Jen Yamato I was the baddest-ass dude in Scientology,” declares Marty Rathbun in My Scientology Movie, a surreal documentary in which British journalist Louis Theroux attempts to […]

9 things never to say to your child

Source: TOI Being a parent is difficult and so is coming off as a proud child. It’s only human to give vent to your rage by using harsh words. However, when the recipient of your outrage is your own child, it might have uncertain and unmanageable repercussions. We list 9 […]