Survey of Muslim Canadians rebuts lazy generalizations with hard data: Neil Macdonald

Source: CBC

Findings of Environics Institute survey reveal a community that’s not so different from other Canadians

The cover page of a new study on Muslims in Canada features six carefully chosen images: Justin Trudeau, cheek to cheek with a woman in a headscarf, in yet another grinning selfie, a bearded man in a skullcap shaking hands with a policeman, a child in tribal dress, a minaret, a handsome, barbered young guy in some sort of Canada-motif shirt who may or may not be Muslim, and a political demonstration somewhere.

The message seems to be that Muslims are a fully integrated, engaged strand in the warp and woof of Canada’s social fabric, and that everything is peachy.

The report’s contents are more clear-eyed.

“Muslims in this country,” it states flatly, “do not enjoy the acceptance accorded to other religious minorities.”





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