Day: April 26, 2016

Saudi Arabia’s future

Source. Arab News: It was an exceptional day for Saudi Arabia yesterday. The Royal Court was packed with Saudi and foreign journalists and writers. Their eyes were fixated on the declaration of the Saudi Vision 2030 — a new road map that charts a new future for Saudi Arabia. Deputy […]

Edhi for the Nobel Prize

Source: ET The humble Abdul Sattar Edhi has served as a beacon of hope for millions in the country over the last many decades. His is the name that brings the highest level of pride to one when discussing heroic Pakistani figures. Mr Edhi has suffered through uncertain health in […]

Battling the zika virus, one old tyre at a time

Source: BBC From Canada, the ovillanta is a clever — and highly effective — mosquito trap made from the pests’ favourite breeding spot. Initial tests show the ovillanta is very effective. During a 10-month study in Guatemala, researchers found that 84 ovillantas placed in seven neighborhoods in the town of […]