Saudi Arabia’s future

Source. Arab News:

It was an exceptional day for Saudi Arabia yesterday. The Royal Court was packed with Saudi and foreign journalists and writers. Their eyes were fixated on the declaration of the Saudi Vision 2030 — a new road map that charts a new future for Saudi Arabia.
Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the architect of the path-breaking project, revealed the main features of the plan. He presented a comprehensive economic, social and military blueprint.
The plan rests on Saudi Arabia’s tall standing in Arab and Islamic world, the Kingdom’s massive investment capacity and the country’s strategic location. The plan includes key factors and initiatives that will take Saudi Arabia on par with the developed economies of the world. Most importantly, the plan relies on multiple resources of revenue rather than a complete reliance on a single commodity of oil.


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  1. Most important is the attitude of the nation. With harsh and blunt way nothing can be achieved. Superiority complex cause of being Arab also has to melt away. Hope the humanity aspects will get a greater share in 2030 vision.

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