Significant increase in hate propaganda against Ahmadiyya community, says report

Tribune: LAHORE: Year 2015 proved to be another harsh year for Pakistan’s Ahmadiyya community.

According to an annual report of released by Jamaat-e-Ahmadia here on Monday, two members of the community were killed for their religious beliefs, a factory and several of their houses were burnt, and their social lives became tougher owing to the intense hate campaign against them through fiery speeches and publication of hate material.

So far 248 members have been killed because of their faith; 323 have been the victim of attempted murder; 27 worship places have been demolished; 32 have been sealed by the authorities and 16 illegally appropriated; 39 graves have been desecrated and the bodies of 65 have been refused burial in joint cemeteries. As a result, Ahmadis face insecurity in both life and death, the report concluded.

Ahmadi man stabbed to death near Sheikhupura

The report, which highlights the persecution of Ahmadis, said there was a significant increase in hate propaganda against the community. “The government agencies responsible for implementing the laws are being manipulated by opponents of the community,” spokesperson of Jamat-e-Ahmadia Saleemudin said. “Instead of upholding the law, they continue to cave into the demands of extremists.”


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