Video: Canada’s Governor General calls niqab ban ‘small-minded’

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Source: CBC News

On Wednesday evening CBC aired a Peter Mansbridge interview with Governor General of Canada Mr David  Johnston. Their discussion touched upon Niqab Debate and Mr Johnston showed concern in this regard.

“Look at the debate with respect to the niqab,” Mr Johnston, appointed by Stephen Harper in 2010, said:

“I think Canada showed its strength that that should not sidetrack us from who we really are. I continue to worry about any initiatives that would cause us to be small-minded and to lose that sense of inclusiveness, fairness, equality of opportunity, being complacent in the situation we have.”

During last year’s election, parties took firm positions on the rule previously introduced by the Conservatives that required women to remove face-coverings while reciting citizenship oaths.

While the victorious Liberals opposed the ban, polls in the lead up to the vote showed a sizeable majority of Canadians supported the ban.


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  1. good thing the governor general is appointed NOT elected. HE does not speak for Canadians. Overwhelmingly Canadians oppose the niqab, burka, etc. The leader of the NDP Thomas Mulcair lost the election over this issue. His powerbase within Quebec told him at the polls he WAS wrong.

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