Shopkeeper’s killing must be ‘wake up call’ to stand up to intolerance, Bradford peace conference hears

rafiq hayat

National President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, UK, Rafiq Hayyat (left) with Dr. Mohammed Iqbal, President of Bradford chapter, in front of Al Mahdi mosque in Bradford, UK

Source: The Telegraph

A PEACE conference in Bradford heard today that the religious hate killing of a shopkeeper in Glasgow must be a wake up call for people to stand up and speak out against intolerance and persecution.

About 200 people were at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Bradford’s annual peace conference where religious and community leaders all called for more talk and more action to bring an end to injustice and conflict.

Dr Mohammed Iqbal, Bradford North President of the Ahmadiyya Association, spoke of his sadness that the conference had got intertwined with the death of Ahmadi Muslim Asad Shah on March 24 and that the man held in custody for the killing was from Bradford.


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  1. It is most wanted move . If hatred is allowed to grow , it will cross all boundaries ; no one will be in peace . Those people who are spreading hatred , must be controlled . Today they are spreading hatred against ahmadies , tomorrow shias will be targeted and finally this hatred will engulf the entire humanity . Closely watch the situations of those countries where this hatred has crossed all boundaries . Feel the pain of the cry of the innocent child who may be a ahmadi or shia or Christian ; even he may be a innocent child of that father who has been distributing the leaflet of hatred . We should not deny that it is this hatred which is producing and nourishing those groups who are responsible for Islamophobia and hatred against Muslims . It is the beginning of that jehad which has destroyed many Muslim countries , and now making the lives of those Muslims living in non- Muslim countries peacefully , troublesome .

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