Eventually a good news for Pak bride arrives – after 13 years

Source. TOI

AMRITSAR: Finally, the arduous journey of 13 years of a Pakistani bride of making rounds to ‘babu’s offices’ seeking Indian citizenship came to a pleasant end after she received a much sought after communique from Department of Home Affairs and Justice directing Gurdaspur administration to issue her a certificate of Indian citizenship.

“Ultimately, I will be a proud Indian citizen now. I will be able to move freely anywhere out of Qadian,” said Tahira Zahur while talking to TOI on
Monday, adding, that she wanted to visit dozens of places which she had been craving to visit for past 13 years.


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  1. At least India did it. Even in Germany it takes 8 to 10 years to get citizenship. Well done Government of India you implemented a well deserved justice.

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