Taking liberty by Asma Jehangir

The Friday Times:

When two unbridled forces clash, the debate around it will naturally degenerate. Hamid Mir was targeted and seriously injured. It is a miracle he survived. There is also no doubt that he is one of the most well informed and courageous journalists in Pakistan. He suspects that he might have been targeted by the ISI. As such, the media was obliged to report these facts regardless of the stature and identity of the suspect. Moreover, this is not the first time that allegations of serious human rights violations have been made against the ISI, and not just by a journalist.

The commission on missing people and the Supreme Court, in cases of missing people and arbitrary detentions, have noted grave abuses carried out by our security forces, including the ISI. It is not as though the accusation of attempted murder was made against the likes of Mother Teresa that the media should have waited to air the allegation.

An immediate demand for the resignation of the head of ISI added insult to injury

The argument that the media has threatened national security is downright absurd. By this logic, all those who maintained a silence during the operation in East Pakistan, or Balochistan, while the Constitution was being abrogated and politicians chased around by our power-hungry Generals, were the only patriots in this country.

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