Day: May 5, 2014

Ahmedis are also Pakistani citizens

Source The daily Times via Nasim Malik Death brings no respite either. In 2012, the tombstones of more than 100 graves were razed by 12 to 15 armed men. The graveyard belonged to the Ahmedi community and the verdict given by the terrorists was that the use of verses of […]

Damascus opera suffers under mortar strikes

Story Summary Just as Leen Arbid entered the front gate of the Damascus Opera House, a potent symbol of the Assad family’s decadeslong authoritarian rule over Syria, she heard a deafening bang. Mortar attacks have become daily occurrence in the Syrian capital of some 2million, often killing more people than […]

Muslim physician learns from Holocaust patients

SunSentinel: by Shani McManus — While he was there to speak about his experience as a Muslim physician treating Holocaust survivors, the two-hour discussion covered a variety of religious and political subjects, and ended with an improved mutual understanding. In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Dr. Khalid Minhas, director of […]

Supreme Court blesses prayer at town meetings

msnbc: by Adam Serwer — The “moment of silence” that Greece used to begin its town meetings with until 1999 would seem like the fairest compromise, and the one least offensive to the Constitution’s prohibition on government religious favoritism. With a moment of silence, every believer can pray according to […]