1944: Membership for Ahmadiyyas

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1944: Membership for Ahmadiyyas

1944: Membership for Ahmadiyyas

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From the past pages of dawn: 1944: Seventy years ago: Membership for Ahmadiyyas

QADIAN: The question whether members of the Ahmediyya Community should or should not be allowed to join the Muslim League, has been under consideration for some time at the headquarters of the Community and this depended upon the attitude of the Muslim League towards the Ahmadiyya Community.

In this connection Pir Akbar Ali M.L.A obtained an interview with the President of the All-India Muslim League during one of his recent stays at Lahore, and has reported that Mr. M.A. Jinnah was pleased to assure him that:

According to the latest constitution of the All-India Muslim League there was no bar to members of the Ahmadiyya Community joining the Muslim League, and that as members of the League they would be entitled to such privileges as are enjoyed by members of other various sects of Muslims.

[Meanwhile, in Hyderabad Deccan;] The Nizam’s Government has decided to form a Press Advisory Board of 10 members three of whom would be officials. The Board will be consulted by the Government in all matters relating to the Defence of Hyderabad Rules, in so far as they affect the press. (Dawn, Delhi)

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