Month: April 2014

Hirsi Ali: Telling a Critic From an Islamophobe

Kashif N. Chaudhry Physician, writer and humanitarian Huffington Post Religion Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Somali-born U.S. citizen who is known — among other things — for her radical views on Islam. Her supporters consider her a leading critic, while many others believe she is guilty of Islamophobia and bigotry. […]

Jordan opens Syria camp for 130,000

ASSOCIATED PRESS ARABNEWS.COM Published — Thursday 1 May 2014 AMMAN: A UN official says Jordan is opening a new, sprawling tent city to accommodate tens of thousands more Syrian refugees who are expected to flee fighting as their nation’s civil war continues unabated. Helene Daubelcour says Jordanian officials will open […]

پسینہ خشک ہونے سے قبل

راشد احمد بلوچ ۔ ربوہ دنیا کی معلوم دس ہزار سالہ تاریخ میں اسلام وہ پہلا مذہب تھا جس نے انسانی زندگی کے ہر شعبہ میں رہنما اصول وضع کئے۔کھانے پینے کے آداب سے لیکر ایک حسین اور متوازن معاشرہ کی بنیاد تک ہمیں ہر ہر شعبہ میں رہنما اور […]

Today, it is more difficult to be a Muslim in France

Source: MWN Taroudant, Morocco – Samir Nasri, a French international football player who plays for the English club Manchester City, expressed his concerns over growing racism against Muslims in France, his second home. In an interview with the Telegraph on April 25, Samir Nasri, 26, denounced the rise of racism against Muslims in […]