Month: April 2014

Press Freedom in Europe is in Great Danger

Source: Balkan Insight: Photo by: Wikimedia Commons/Silar To work as a journalist today, you need a great deal of courage. In the last twelve months, hundreds of journalists, photographers and camera operators in the world have been killed, injured, kidnapped, threatened or sued. Europe is no exception: worrying patterns are […]

The Darkness that is Pakistan

Source: LUBP Those who have been dreaming and hoping for a liberal and a secular Pakistan can now start getting serious about packing up their bags and moving to another country. The days are not far when this country will become a jungle as the animals that should be kept […]

India became 3rd-largest economy

Source: TOI WASHINGTON: In a matter of six years, India emerged as the world’s third-largest economy in 2011 from being the 10th largest in 2005, moving ahead of Japan, while the US remained the largest economy closely followed by China, latest figures have revealed. “The economies of Japan and the UK […]

Criminalising marriage below the age of 18.

Source: ET Sindh has blazed a trail that other provinces may feel impelled to follow. On April 28, itsprovincial assembly passed the Sindh Child Marriage Restraint Act 2013, criminalising marriage below the age of 18. This represents a triumph for civil society which had been venting its anguish at the […]

Hypocrisy triumphs as talks collapse

April 30, 2014 12:13 AM By Rami G. Khouri The Daily Star Story Summary The Israeli decision to break off negotiations with the Palestinians last week after the Palestinian groups Fatah and Hamas announced their reconciliation agreement reveals the darkest and most destructive sides of Israel and its Western backers […]