Syria’s refugees impose troubling political choices

May 01, 2014 12:10 AM
By David Ignatius
The Daily Star

Ask Yousef Bargash when he might go home to his village of Mahaja in southern Syria and he turns his palms skyward in supplication.

Getting refugees such as Bargash back home from camps and squatters’ apartments in Jordan and other neighboring countries is at the heart of solving the Syria mess.

That’s a starting point for thinking about the ruinous Syria war, three years on.

A sound U.S. strategy for Syria begins with the recognition that this is likely to be a long war. On the way to an eventual political settlement, the challenge is to stabilize the areas controlled by the Syrian opposition, so that fewer people are killed, Muslim extremists don’t get any stronger, and people can begin to go back home.

The Syrian war is toxic, and Jordan doesn’t want to get infected.

Supported by U.S. and Saudi donors, it provides food and medical care inside Syria.

Ahmed al-Nasri, the director in Jordan for Watad, has charts and maps on every wall outlining his operations. He maintains three warehouses to stockpile food in the liberated areas of southern Syria, and he’s building a fourth.

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