Today, it is more difficult to be a Muslim in France

Source: MWN

Taroudant, Morocco – Samir Nasri, a French international football player who plays for the English club Manchester City, expressed his concerns over growing racism against Muslims in France, his second home.

In an interview with the Telegraph on April 25, Samir Nasri, 26, denounced the rise of racism against Muslims in France, saying French people have turned against Muslims.

The international football player did not hide his worries about the situation of Muslims in France, which has changed recently in disfavor of Muslims.

“Nowadays, it is more difficult in France [being Muslim]. In the last three or four years people who come from a [Muslim] community feel like they are not being treated like they deserve. It is now about the extreme Right,’’ Nasri said.

Nasri, of Algerian origin, evokes in particular the rise of the “extreme right” and the National Front of Marine Le Pen.

“French people turned against the Muslims. That is a little bit scary. Ten to fifteen years ago, it wasn’t like this. I don’t like the way the mentality is in France now,” Nasri added.


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  1. “France changed a lot. I don’t like it. I love England. I love London. It’s great for me to be there. That’s where I can see my future,” Nasri said. France should learn a lesson from its neighbour across the channel. Really atmosphere in UK is great and the reason why every one loves it.

  2. I had been in France (Paris, Cherbourg, Toulon) for some time and well before that in UK for long time. My friends in Paris praised the Metro train system compared to London Underground trains. I did not agree for few reasons. The automatic ticket system and more than 384 stations (seven lines) in London were quite superior.
    Also, in London, the platforms were joined together for both way trains. In Paris, the train lines were joined together and platforms were apart opposite each other.
    If any one went the wrong way, he/she would have to get out to go to the other side and may have to use another ticket. Besides, I saw many foreign kids, pickpocketing in the trains in Paris. They were very clever.
    Now I come to a better point. There has been a clash of civil life in countries of Europe. Spanish Armada tried to attack England and failed. Napoleon ran all over Europe in many cities and plundered them. He could not gain victory over England and was arrested and kept under house care for many years until he died in st Helena.
    Hitler also tried to gain supremacy. It was a struggle for trade or for the supremacy of their languages. England was far ahead of all others.
    During the occupation of the world territory in different continents, Italy and France and Holland, Germany and England all occupied different lands.
    Amongst them, the British were the best rulers. They did some justice to the people whom they ruled. They did not spoil the ruled people morally. But France and other countrymen spoiled the occupied people morally.
    In any case, The English were having more power and they were present in America, Canada, Australia, New zealand, India, Burma, Hong kong. They were occupying Gibraltar and other narrow waterways. Aden, Singapore.
    The post is becoming long. I was very happy to live in England. I did not have to tell a lie there and I was never disturbed by any one. Long live the Queen.

  3. I have not been to France recently but brother Nasri is probably right when he says that being Muslim in France is more difficult than before. I am concerned though, that he is putting all the blame on the extreme Right. That is not correct.

    We the Muslims must evaluate our own behaviour and see how we are contributing to spreading this hatred. Today, I fear Muslims more than any other group in the world. I would rather be discriminated in the West, than murdered in the East.

    Muslims are probably the only group that kill others in the name of our religion. Others may be equally bad or worse, but they don’t claim to be sanctioned by the Almighty himself.

    If you can read urdu, this article may give you another perspective.

  4. M. Ahmad, I agree with you. If the majority common Muslims of the world do not wake up and try to support the true Islam, there is more danger from the Mulla Islam to the world peace and to humanity than any danger from the western people.

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