Day: May 25, 2014

That ‘earthquake’ in Europe?

Source: CNN (CNN) — Far-right parties appear poised to secure a stronger foothold in the European Parliament after a vote that France’s Prime Minister described as an “earthquake.” France’s far-right National Front party was projected to win a nationwide election for the first time on Sunday following the parliamentary vote, […]

Maple Motorcyclist killed in crash

  Motorcyclist killed in Vaughan crash 05/24/2014 02:41 PM Christine Chubb and Toronto Staff Share A motorcyclist was airlifted to hospital after a serious crash in Vaughan, May 24, 2014. TWITTER.COM/MELISSAMON/ Motorcycle involved in the fatal crash   An motorcyclist has died after a motorcycle crash in Maple, Vaughan, York […]

Egypt’s New Strongman

Source: NY Times: CAIRO — Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the former army officer soon to be Egypt’s president, promises to remedy Egypt’s crippling fuel shortage by installing energy-efficient bulbs in every home socket, even if he has to send a government employee to screw in each one. “I’m not leaving a […]

Notable Female Leaders

Bio. — Aside from their gender, female leaders don’t have much else in common. Some have brought peace to troubled lands, while others have strewn discontent. Some have been competent or brilliant, others inept or corrupt. They come from political positions ranging from arch-conservative to ultra-leftist and represent all the […]