[Video] Jais raids Ahmadiyya Friday prayer session

Source: anilnetto.com

This is a worrying development. Some 30 personnel from the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) raided a solat (prayer) centre in Jalan Batu Caves used by a group calling itself the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Muslim Malaysia.

The raid took place just after the group had finished its Friday congregational prayer.

The leader of the enforcement personnel produced a warrant to ransack the centre on the second floor of a budget hotel building.

Thirty seven people were loaded onto a lorry and a van and brought to the Jais headquarters in Shah Alam where they were given appointment dates for their statements to be recorded.

It is believed that the leader of the group who delivered the sermon will have to appear in court in October.

See a Harian Metro report here.

Harian Metro quotes a member of the Ahmadiyya group as saying “Now I want to ask if Jais says we are not Muslims, then we should come under Jais’ jurisdiction. Where we want to pray is up to us.”

A Jais spokesperson said the raid was carried out under Section 97(1)(2) of the Islamic Legal Aministration Enactment 2003 – conducting a ceremony which may be conducted in a mosque without the permission of the Islamic Religious Council.

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