Clean-Up Australia Day 2014 at Ahmadiyya Mosque in Langwarrin

Source: | Perhaps a delayed report


More than 200 members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association (AMA), neighbors and officials from Frankston City Council were on hand Sunday, the 2nd of March 2014, when Cr Darrel Taylor, mayor Frankston City Council, inaugurated the ‘Harmony Creek’ project by planting a tree on ‘Clean-up Australia Day’ at Leisureland Drive, Langwarrin. At the inauguration ceremony Mr Javed Safdar, Choudhary President AMA Victoria, described the Islamic principles of personal and societal cleanliness saying Islam stresses upon cleanliness and describes it as a part of the faith. Mr Javed said Islam also teaches harmony, peace and loyalty to homeland and all Muslims are bound to obey and cooperate with higher authorities. “This project of ‘Harmony Creek’ is a small example of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association’s cooperation with local authorities and a gesture to show our concern for cleanliness and for environment.” Harmony Creek is a joint project between Frankston City Council, Melbourne Water and Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Victoria. Mayor Cr Darrel Taylor said he was happy and delighted with the inaugurating of ‘Harmony Creek’ project. Mayor said the project reflects on the Ahmadiyya community’s exemplary …read more at

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