Saudi Arabia rejects seat on UN Security Council


RIYADH, Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia is rejecting its seat on the UN Security Council and says the 15-member body is incapable of resolving world conflicts.

The move came just hours after the kingdom was elected as one of the Council’s 10 nonpermanent members.

In a statement carried on Friday by the official Saudi Press Agency, the Saudi Foreign Ministry says the Council has failed in its duties toward Syria.

It says this alleged failure enabled Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime to perpetrate the killings of its people, including with chemical weapons, without facing any deterrents or punishment.

The Ministry also says the Council has not been able to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict over the past decades and has failed to transform the Middle East into a zone free of weapons of mass destruction.


3 replies

  1. I like this News. The real ‘business’ is being done by the permanent members. The ‘non-permanent’ members are just like decoration pieces. And that goes for the whole United Nations. The real ‘business’ is done by the permanent members of the Security Council and all others are just aloud to do ‘useless talk’. In fact Saudi Arabia should go a step further and leave the UN altogether! And take all Arab and Islamic nations with them! (And South America, Africa, Asia, Europe should follow!!)

  2. Its not a principle stand at all. Saudis are only demonstrating their displeasure with Pentagonists and W.Housians on their new romance with Iran. An alarming bell for Saudi monarchy. In fact this unexpected move of offering of security council membership to KSA which never ever happened before, was just a piece of cake from US and its tamed allies the real masters of so-called UN security council.
    The game of self interests and selfishness rules will soon outclass Saudis who have been a big bloody game player so far of the same.

    Did Saudis know now that this organization is ineffective when their wishes were implemented?

    This might be the beginning of end of Saudis control on the region. Iran’s new leadership if plays wisely can be game changer.

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