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  1. Seems that Pakistan People’s Party have not learned any lesson even after contemptuous and bloody loss its leaders.

  2. It is an intrepid attempt to intensify the hatred in Pakistan by the authorities. What kind of service they are rendering for Islam. May Allah guide them.
    Kalimullah Khan

  3. for me it comes as no surprise when every segment of our society is surrendering to the extermism, how come our educational experts can resist.

    By inculcating hate, intolerance and mutual disrespect they are not harming anyone else but to themselves.
    For me, my responsiblities increase more to teach my childern how to respond such falsehood. i remember when in 1974 state declared us non muslim my cousin’s classfellows (class-III)taunted him as “Kafir” “kafir” he went straight to the HM office and rendered him speachless by asking him to test the knowledge of whole class who and who knows ” dua e Qanoot”, namaz -e-janaza, 17 aya of surah al baqra etc, that i dont know. But now challenge to my kid is even more than by that time. Now he has to stand before the teacher and his classfellows to challenge the falsehood.

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