London Conference Highlights Destruction of Islamic Heritage Sites


(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Takfiri militants fighting President Bashar al Assad have repeatedly threatened to destroy the Damascus Shrine of Sayedah Zaynab, the granddaughter of Prophet Muhammad.

And earlier this year the shrine of Hujr bin Adi al kindie a companion of the Prophet Muhammad was destroyed as the militants attempted to exhume his body.

That inspired the formation of a new group in London, the Save Muslim Heritage. The group aims to bring global awareness to the dangers these holy sites are exposed to. The Save Muslim Heritage held a conference over the weekend to mark their launch.

The conference was attended by hundreds of people and featured a panel of Islamic and Christian scholars and a Representative from the United Nations.

Organizers said they wanted this event to be the launching pad For future action to raise awareness about the destruction Of Muslim holy sites around the …continue reading at


The conflict in Syria has created millions of victims, including over a hundred thousand killed and Millions more displaced. But another victim of the conflict has been the rich religious heritage which the country is home to and which elements of the militants fighting President Bashar Al Assad are dedicated to destroying.

Eisa Ali compiled this report on efforts being made in the British capital London to save these holy sites

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