Did Prophet Muhammad teach death for apostasy and blasphemy?

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Let alone that Islam does not prescribe death for apostates, the Qur’an was the first religious scripture to categorically declare, “There shall be no compulsion in religion” [1].

Likewise, the Qur’an repeatedly states that Muslims, including Prophet Muhammad, can only admonish non-Muslims regarding religious matters [2].

The Qur’an addresses disbelief more than 150 times, yet man is never given authority to punish the disbeliever. If Islam sanctioned death for apostasy, why does the Qur’an address—but never sanction—worldly punishment for the apostate who repeatedly believes and disbelieves [3]? As the majority of these verses were revealed in Medina, not Mecca, critics cannot resort to the “argument” of abrogation of earlier Qur’anic verses by later revelations.

Prophet Muhammad’s example corroborates the view that no punishment for apostasy exists in Islam. Once, a Bedouin convert to Islam suffered a fever while in Medina. He asked to be released from his pledge three times and was refused three times. Still, he left Medina unharmed [4].

The reader may question if a single incident during Prophet Muhammad’s life is sufficient to prove that Islam does not punish an apostate. In fact, not a single instance exists of Prophet Muhammad punishing an individual because they apostatized.

Finally, Islam does not restrict apostasy [5]. Any “punishment” an apostate incurs is a matter between that person and God. The Qur’an is clear: apostasy is not a worldly crime, it is certainly not the “ultimate” crime, apostates are not to be harmed—let alone put to death, and those who choose to leave Islam have every right to do so. Precisely the same principles of freedom of conscience and speech apply to those who would be deemed blasphemers. That is, in Islam, no worldly punishment exists for blasphemy.

[1] Qur’an 2:257.
[2] Qur’an 4:64; 6:70-71; 10:109; 11:47; 50:46; 88:22-23.
[3] Qur’an 2:218; 3:21, 73, 91; 4:138; 5:55, 62, 93, 100; 9:3, 66-68, 74; 16:107; 47:26-27; 63:2-7.
[4] Bukhari.
[5] Qur’an 4:138; 10:100; 18:30.

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  1. The above is all true. It is surprising how the Muslims have come down so low about this important subject, as to believe quite the reverse of the true teaching.
    The reason why the Maulvis are insisting on penalty for apostasy is that they have let down the religion of Islam to a very low grade and they fear an exodus. By their threat of punishment the Maulvis want to stop any one leaving Islam. That will never work.

    They should rather present the beautiful teachings of Islam to the world so that more people accept Islam and there will be no one leaving Islam.

    After the above words, I want to point out some important information about the apostate. The Maulvis are wrong on that count too.

    Apostate is the one who having accepted Islam of his own free will happily later finds some problem. He/she is not happy with Islam and wishes to become non-Muslim, he/she declares that he is no more a Muslim. He leaves Islam of his own free will and announces his departure. Such a person says goodbye to Islam. He/she is an apostate.

    It is the person himself/ herself who denounces Islam and not the one whom Malvis say “Oh, you have become an apostate..”

    In the Quran, it is written ‘Wa man yartadda minkum,,,,’ (2:217/218) and (5:54/55).
    “O ye who believe! whoso among you turns back from his religion….”

    There is no punishment prescribed there for the apostate in this world. The prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. was always working according to the dictates of the Quran. His life was Quran and he never punished any one for apostasy.
    There is a case where the apostates killed some persons who were incharge of camels. Those apostates were brought back and killed. But that was mixed case of apostasy and murder.

    I may mention that there is some punishment (death) mentioned in some Hadith. But Hadith cannot overtake the Quran. Moreover, death is a capital punishment. It cannot be awarded just on the basis of some Hadith only. For a capital punishment, proof must be in the Quran. Same is for the halaal and haraam.

  2. there is no punishment for those who choose to leave Islam.

    But i disagree that capital punsihment can only be found in the Quran and not the hadith.

    Also disagree that halal and haram is only found in the Quran and not just hadith.

    there r so many laws and principles regarding acts of worship that r not found in the Quran but in the ahadith. for e.g. no. of units of each salah, wht to say in salah, the minimum amount of zakah to be given, menstrauting women cannot pray nor fast, the meat of donkey being haram, death penalty to rapist, and so on….

  3. also lets not forget that Imam Mahdi is not mentioned in the Quran at all but in the Sunnah.

    Hence quran and sunnah r sources of Islam.
    so it doesnt matter if there r teachings that r not found in the Quran but in the Sunnah; muslims shud still believe in it.

  4. That is true to some extent. Verbal Hadith is very useful if authentic, well supported. I did not reduce the importance of Hadith. But, in the cases of death penalty etc, the matter cannot rest on Hadith only.

    Also about the Salat matters, there is such a thing as the Sunnah (the practice) of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. and his guidance. That is a practical example of what the prophet s.a.w.s. did and how he did it. People saw it and adopted that.

    Nobody has learnt the method of Wudhu or matters of salaat from any hadith. All such things had been adopted by the Ummah from the very first day by the practical way of the prophet s.a.w.s. during his life time. At that time there were no books of Hadith.

    Sunnah is the practice of the prophet s.a.w.s. i.e. the way he did everything or told the believers to do things. They adopted it at that time. After that, it is adopted from generation to generation in the Ummah till now.

    Hadith is verbal transmission (reports) about the sayings and deeds of the prophet s.a.w.s. They come, in importance, after the Quran and Sunnah. The Hadith is to serve the Quran and Sunnah, as such, very useful.

  5. i still disagree that ‘ in the cases of death penalty etc, the matter cannot rest on Hadith only.’

    cuz in the Quran there is no mention of death penalty to rapists. but there is hadith. also regarding those that act like the poeple of sodom.

    btw hadith is the transmitted report of the Sunnah

  6. One of the main criteria that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community uses to judge Hadith is to see if it is in line with the Quranic message. If it contradicts clear Quranic understanding, then we put that Hadith aside.


  7. Subhan Allah

    The Quran is the detailed book and the criterion.

    The suunah explains and supplements the Quran and not contradict it.

    unfortunately due to the so called liberism; some muslims only believe in the Quran and reject all the hadiths. hence they dont believe in the concept of imam mahdi!

    the hadith may contain information and laws not found in the Quran, its still binding to follow it.

  8. Dear Parvez, you have a good soul. Please keep on investigating and reading. Iqra was the very first word revealed to the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s.

    We Ahmadis Muslims reject those people who reject the Sunnah and hadith. We definitely follow the Quran, the Sunnah and the hadith.
    Please note that there is a difference in the Sunnah and the Hadith. Please try to understand that. Then matters will become clear.

    What you have written above is almost true (99%)and correct. We Ahmadis do not deny the coming of the Imam Mahdi a.s. We have read his books and believed in him. Until you have read any of his books, please do not pass any remark about him. Thank you.

    I request that some reader (or Parvez sahib) should start a new topic (very brief), on the subject of Dajjal and Yajooj Maajooj. They are important subject in the Hadith.

  9. actually i still dont know exactly wht ahmadis’ concept og gog and magog and djjal are?

    i require brief answer

    i am aware of the ahmadis belief of some metaphoric interpretations regarding the messiah and imam mahdi. maybe its also the same with dajjal and gog and magog?

  10. Briefly, Ahmadis do not believe that Dajjal is a one eyed man. Dajjal is a group of persons who cheat the people about their religion. In present days, they are identified as the church fathers and all those who support them. Dajjal is not political. The example is the church people who roam the world with their bibles and teach wrong things about Jesus Christ a.s. that he was God or son of God and that he is alive in heavens sitting next to God, the Father.

    The Yaajooj and Maajoj are the western political powers. They are not religious people. They are political only and may be secular in nature.

    The above description is very brief but correct.

  11. Dear Parvez, you have sad that Imam Mahdi is not mentioned in the Quran at all. This isn´t true. Please read this:
    He is mentioned in the Quran:

    He it is Who has raised among the unlettered people a Messenger from among themselves who recites unto them His Signs, and purifies them, and teaches them the Book and Wisdom though before that they were in manifest error; And He will raise him among others of them who have not yet joined them. He is the Mighty, the Wise.” Surah Al-Jumuah 62:3-4

  12. The Dajjal of Muslims which is the Antichrist of Christians, too, (like the prophesy of coming Messiah) is symbolic in nature.

    Dajjal or the Antichrist symbolizes a great and powerful nation which rules not only the earth but also space.

    The traditions say that the Antichrist’s right eye will be sightless but his left eye will be large and bright, clearly gives us the description of the fact that though this nation would be devoid of spiritual light, the right eye, yet its material insight and attainments would be great.

    The Promised Messiah (as) explained that the Antichrist’s donkey mentioned by the Holy Prophet (saw) in the prophecy to be a symbol too: a symbol that was used to describe the means of transportation of the days to come.

    All the features describing this ass are, without exception, identifiable with the fuel-powered vehicles invented.

    Consider the salient features of the ass as described in the traditions-it will eat fire, it will travel over land, over sea and above the air; its speed will be so great that it will cover a journey of months within the space of a few hours; the passengers will travel not on its back but in its belly which would be lit up; it will announce its departure and ask passengers to take their seats… The fulfillment of these things with such wondrous exactness is a glorious testimony of the truth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), peace be on him.

    To enlighten further the Promised Messiah explains the prophecies relating to the advent of the Imam Mahdi are also symbolic. The wealth that he is supposed to distribute amongst Muslims is the wealth of spiritual knowledge and wisdom, and not the material wealth weighable in mass or money.

    Additional info:

    With regards to the appearance of thirty dajjal in the Muslim Ummah, we have the following in Ikmal- Al-lkmal, a commentary of Al-Sahi Muslim (vol. 7, pg. 258 Egyptian)

    It would be evident to every student of the history of Islam that the truth of this Hadith has been fully established. The number of impostors from the time of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) till today has reached the count indicated by the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) in his prophecy.”

    A top scholar of Ahle Hadith, Nawab Siddique Hassan Khan writes: The prophecy made by the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) regarding the advent of Dajjal in this Ummah has been fulfilled and their number as foretold has been completed. (Hijaj Al-Keramah pg. 239, published 1291 A.H. / 1874 A.D.).

    So readers, this indeed, is the fulfillment of a divine plan that the prophesied count of the impostors was completed before the advent of the true claimant to prophethood and it was documented in the book noted above by Muhammad Bin Yusuf Al-Sannusi Al-Hassani (died 895 A.H.).

    And now that the Mahdi has come after the 30 Dajjals, what thoughts are the Muslims entertaining to not accept the real Messiah?

  13. He it is Who has raised among the unlettered people a Messenger from among themselves who recites unto them His Signs, and purifies them, and teaches them the Book and Wisdom though before that they were in manifest error; And He will raise him among others of them who have not yet joined them. He is the Mighty, the Wise.” Surah Al-Jumuah 62:3-4

    This is why the Prophet sent messages to the kings of Persia and Rome, among other kings, calling them to Allah the Exalted and to follow what he was sent with. This is why Mujahid and several others said that Allah’s statement,

    (And others among them who have not yet joined them.) refers to all non-Arabs who believe in the truth of the Prophet. [ibn kathir]

    thus imam mahdi is not explicitly mentioned in the quran but in the ahadith. regarding dajjal the prophet said he is an imposter born to jewish parents, be followed by many jews, cause corruption in iraq and he will be defeated by isa ibn maryam in ludd (whcih is in palestine).

    Regarding imam mahdi the prophet said that he would be descendant of fatima and his name will be the same name as the prophet. Imam mahdi will be given pledge in makkah and he will be caliph of the muslim ummah for 7 years. and when he passes away he will be buried in bayt al quds (jerusalem). clearly none of these signs hav happened yet.

    regarding isa ibn maryam; the prophet foretold that isa will pray salah is sham and he will defeat the dajjal in palestine. and isa ibn maryam will perform hajj and umra. and isa will be buried in madina. again none of these signs have happened yet.

  14. the prophet said regarding imam mahdi;
    he will be descemdant of hasan ibn ali. [ibn majah]
    he will be given bay’at in makkah. [bukhari, muslim]
    he will be caliph for 7 years. [abu dawud]
    when he passes away he will be buried in bayt al maqsid. [tabari]

    regarding the verse in surah jumua, Allah said that the prophet’s message of islam is universal. there is no mention of the mahdi. imam mahdi is only found in ahadith and athar. not in the quran.

    isa ibn maryam’s signs;
    he will pray in sham [bukhari]
    he will defeat dajjal in ludd (palestine) [muslim]
    he will perform hajj and umra [musnad ahmad]
    he will be buried in madina [bukhari and muslim]

  15. @Parvez

    The overwhelming majority of prophetic traditions about Imam al-Mahdi states that the name of Imam al-Mahdi must be same as the name of the Prophet i.e., Muhammad (saw). And an additional phrase concerning that his father’s name is also similar to that of the Prophet’s father i.e., Abdullah.

    Now this really challenges the commonsense!

    A question: How many in the world are aware of this prophecy?

    Answer: Almost all of us.

    Then don’t you think that anybody by the name Abdullah can name his son as Mohammad and then can claim to be the Al’Mahdi?

    Well, to tell you the truth: This did happen, of course! Who wouldn’t want to at least attempt to attain such spiritual status?
    Leme relate you a few or the many cases:

    Report1: Sa’id Ibn al-Musayyib reports: The Arabs knew from the men of scriptures and soothsayers that a Prophet named Muhammad would be raised. So anyone of the Arabs who came to know it, named his son, Muhammad, in the hope of receiving prophethood.

    Report2: Qatadah Ibn al-Sakn al-Urani reports: In the Banu Tamim there was Muhammad Ibn Sufyan Ibn Mujashi. He was an usquf (monk); his father had been told that in Arabia there would be a Prophet bearing the name, Muhammad; so he had named him Muhammad. There were Muhammad al-Jushami in Banu Suwa’ah, Muhammad al-Usaidi and Muhammad al-Fuqaimi; they were all so named in the hope of receiving prophethood.

    Report3: Muhammad Ibn Ishaq reports: Muhammad Ibn Khuza’i Ibn Huzabath, a member of Banu Dhakwan, a branch of Banu Sulaym was so named in the hope of prophethood. He went to Abrahah in Yemen and remained there with his creed till he died. When he attained some position, his brother, Qays Ibn Khuza’i recited: Our crowned Muhammad is this, I have seen his flag hoisted in death!


    (Tabaqat Ibn Sa’d, Vol. 1, page 169) published in monthly Tahrik-e-Jadid Rabwah October 2009

    So dear all, Don’t you think that it’d be just a little wiser if we hold on strongly to the Heavenly signs from the divine Lord as proof which are entirely beyond human capacities, instead of these easy ones?

    You might want to consider to “Think” about it.

  16. all the authentic ahadith needs to be considered.

    when a believer who is Muhammad ibn Abdullah, descendant of ali, preaches in madina and makkah, given bay’at in makkah thus becomin caliph, performs salah in the 3 sacred cities and through the blessings of Allah; the world will become more just and peaceful, then its clear that he is the Imam mahdi that our prophet foretold us of.

  17. btw the alleged sign of moon eclipse been a prophecy regading imam mahdi is a weak report.

    its only mentioned in daruqtuni with broken isnad and no mention of the sahaba that reported it. hence its not. also its not a hadith, it was stated by someone from 4th or 5th generation of the ummah of muhammad (pbuh)

  18. there is also a hadith mentioned in sahih muslim in book of tribulations that umar and some of the companions of the prophet (pbuh) thought that ibn sayyad was dajjal. but then they knew he was not the dajjal since the signs didnt happen.

    the prophet indicated that dajjal will hav no offsprings thus its a clear proof that the dajjal is a person. he would be a descendant of jewish parents.

    the hadiths indicate that dajjal would be spiritually blind and he will call people to shirk. also dajjal would tell people to be busy in materialism and neglect the hereafter. and wht dajjal will preach to is actually the path to hell fire.

    nw did mirza ghulam who claim to the messiah;
    kill the dajjal in palestine?
    perform salah in sham?
    perform hajj and umrah?
    is he buried in madina?

    again did mirza ghulam who claim to be imam mahdi:
    be given bay’at in makkah?
    pray salah in sham?
    is he descendant of fatima bint muhammad?
    is his father’s name abdullah?
    is he buried in jerusalem?

    clearly the above prophetic signs have not occured yet. thus Imam mahdi has not come yet.

    • Dear Parvez: If you wish to genuinely find truth and not insist on your own interpretation of ahadith, I would advise that you visit http://www.alislam.org. All the questions you raise in your comment have been fully and satisfactorily answered by ahmadiyya scholars and heads of the movement. You can even find answers to specific questions by just putting in key words and get video clips. Another way of doing this would be to contact your local Ahmadiyya mission and we can facilitate that if you can tell us where you reside. Please do not be quick in rejection of divine messenger’s claim as it is a tradition of people like Abu Lahab and Abu Jahal. Rejection is easy because it allows you to continue in what you are currently doing and keeps you comfortable. We have accepted that Imam Mahdi has come and we are by Allah’s Grace busy spreading his message. If you do not wish to do the above than keep waiting and waste precious time of your life for fictious stories which are a product of wrong interpretations of Qurann and Ahadith by misguided Ulama. Also pray fervently to Allah to help you understand the truth. May Allah help you.

  19. Dear Parvez,
    what do you think about this hadith: A companion of The Holy Prophet sa relates: One day we were sitting with The Holy Prophet sa when this chapter was revealed. I enquired from Muhammad sa. Who are the people to whom the words and among others of them who have not yet joined them refer? Salman ra, a Persian was sitting among us. The Holy Prophet sa put his hand on Salman ra and said.If faith were to go up to the Pleiades, a man from among these would surely find it. (Bukhari).

  20. its an ahmadi misconception that somehow we muslims are just simply waiting for imam mahdi and doing nothing for the message of Islam.

    In the past decade in UK and US many islamic institutions and charity organisations have been set up. also many masjids have been built in the past 2 decades in UK.

    i have read ooks and articles in the ahmaydiya official website for abt 3 yrs and it doesnt answer all the questions relating to imam mahdi or the return of messiah. however there are similarities but the ahmadis couldnt reconcile there contradictions to the apparent and clear meanings of the relevant ahadith.

    my arguments hav been based upon islamic literature, not fancy stories but authentic ahadith about imam mahdi and the return of the messiah. the classical scholars of ahadith and theology agreed that imam mahdi and the messiah are two different people.

    the ahmadi position is an invented idea that somehow the mahdi, messiah, krishna, budda and other historical figures are merged into 1 character.

    the prophetic ahadith make it clear that imam mahdi is from ahle bayt and not from the descendants of salman al farisi. the hadith mentioned about salman shows the virtues of muslim persian scholars and intellectuals that did great work for the cause of islam.

  21. Wait a minute ! isn’t Adam, noah Ibrahim, musa, isa ibn mary etc. etc. (alaihim assalam all merged in one of the greatest characters of all times Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)and then some . Some of my shia relatives name their children Mahdi because they think that literally that’s his name and not an attribute or description of his role and character. The same with masih or messiah or Imam or Abdullah. Furthermore syeduna Muhammad(pbuh) was actually named Muhammad(pbuh)but he’s also mentioned as ahmad , Mustapha, adnan rasoolullah, mubashir , nabi,and so on and so forth those describe his role character and standing.

  22. i hope you all understand my position.

    i would like to emphasise the prophetic signs that have not yet occured:

    imam mahdi will come to makkah from madina and be given bay’at in makkah [bukhari and muslim]

    imam madhi will be from ahle bayt – through hasan ibn ali [musnad ahmad, abu dawud – book of mahdi and ibn majah – last volume]

    imam mahdi will be caliph for 7 years and the he wll be just ruler [abu dawud – book of mahdi]

    imam mahdi’s father’s name will be abdullah; same name as the father of prophet Muhammad (pbuh) [abu dawud]

    the corrupt members of bani kalb will try to kill imam mahdi [bukhari and muslim, abu dawud – kitab al-mahdi]

    imam mahdi will pray in jerusalem and when he passes away he will be buried in bayt al quds [musnad ahmad and ibn hajr]

    the prophet (saw) said “there will be a time when the arabs will be ruled by mahdi who is from my progeny.” [abu dawud]

    regarding the messiah isa ibn maryam:

    he will pray salah in ash-sham [bukhari and muslim and musnad ahmad]

    isa will defeat the dajjal in ludd (palestine) [musnad ahmad, bukhari and ibn majah]

    when isa (as) is back he will stay for 40 years then pass away and be buried in madina [bukhari]

    isa ibn maryam will perform hajj and umra [bukhari and muslim]

    hajj and umra is act of worship hence there is no room for metaphorical interpretation.
    historicall fact – no one who claimed to be the messiah has performed hajj yet. this is a great sign

  23. @ abdul alim

    i have an ahmadi friend but he is busy in liverpool doin masters.

    i live in north wales. is there any close ahamdi community?

  24. @ Parvez


    As far as the Hadith & Sunnah is concerned, please read from the page no 129 of the book through the link below, under the title “HADITH AND THE SUNNAH OF THE HOLY PROPHET (saw)”. This will Inshallh brief you properly to understand this matter.

    Click to access Essence-2.pdf


    Please find the answer of your question about gog magog, directly from the writings of the Imam Mahdi (as), the Founder of Ahmadiyya Community:


  25. @ahmadi

    yes islam is based upon Quran and Sunnah. we agree on thsi issue.

    but i got some questions regarding gog and magog.

    so do ahmadis believe that every european is gog and magog?

    if not, then which europeans are gog and magog? and define europeans? are they the christians who r born and live in europe?

    there are ahadith that mentions the defeat of gog and magog during the time of the messiah isa ibn maryam. [bukhari and muslim]

    but currently the gog and magog (if u mean europeans) are still dominant in military and technology.

    there seems to be clash with the ahadith?

  26. Gog and Magog are mentioned in the Bible also and mentioned in Russia. But they are eastern and western political powers. Like we had the Russian communism and the Western Capitalist powers and the cold war.

    They may be Christians or any other faith. Their religion has nothing to do with it. Religion is not their driving force.

    In the Bible, the Gog and Magog are mentioned as creating a lot of disturbance. There is quite a lot of more information in Ahmadiyah books. I have written few lines here only from memory.

  27. so is gog and magog the western military power or the political power? if they just the military power , does that mean we as muslims should never join the military of the europe and the atlantic such as NATO and the european armies of each country?

    if it means the european political power , does that mean all of european governments are gog and magog?

    if gog and magog are european and western military, then hw do we as muslims living in the west stop funding the military since as citizens we hav to pay taxes, some of it goes to the military budget.

  28. my previous comments contain ahadith and athar that prove the difference between imam mahdi Muhammad ibn Abdullah and the messiah Isa ibn maryam (peace be upon them both).

    below is a link of a talk about imam Mahdi

    below is a pdf file of a book written by ibn kathir that has information about Imam Mahdi and the messiah isa ibn maryam. page 50 is the chapter of imam mahdi.

    Click to access Book%20Of%20The%20End.pdf

    to summarise the difference between imam mahdi and the messiah isa ibn maryam;

    Imam Mahdi will be from ahle bayt hence he will be from the progeny of Ismail (as) [abu dawud – book on imam mahdi] .
    But the messiah isa ibn maryam is from bani israil hence from the progeny of Ya’qub ibn Ishaq (as).

    Imam mahdi’s father name will be Abdullah which is the same name of the prophet’s father. [ibn majah]
    But the messiah isa ibn maryam has no father.

    the messiah isa ibn maryam was born in ash-sham [ibn kathir – the beginning and the end]
    but Imam Mahdi will be born in madina. The 4th caliph ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib [radhiyallahu ‘anhu] reported that the Prophet [sallallahu ‘alayhi wa-sallam] said; “Imam Mahdi will be born in al-Madinah, from the household of the Prophet.” [abu nu’aym and tabarani]

    Imam mahdi will be buried in jerusalem [tabarani and abu nu’aym]
    but the messiah isa will be buried in madina [bukhari and muslim]

    Ibn ‘Abbas [radhiyallahu ‘anhuma] reported that the holy Prophet [sallallahu ‘alayhi wa-sallam] said:

    “The Mahdi is from us; he will be caliph for 7 years then he will hand over the rule to ‘Isa ibn Maryam [‘alayhis-salam] when Imam Mahdi passes away in bayt al quds.” [abu nu’aym who is the teacher of imam bukhari]

    i would like to conclude with a hadith which states that isa ibn maryam will pray behind Imam Mahdi hence clearly proving that Imam Mahdi is different from the messiah isa ibn maryam.

    And Abu ‘Amr ad-Dani narrated in his Sunan from Hudhayfah [radhiyallahu ‘anhu] that he said: The Messenger of Allah [sallallahu ‘alayhi wa-sallam] said:

    “Imam Mahdi will be ready to lead salah is ash sham and he will find that ‘Isa ibn Maryam has descended from the sky in two garments, as if water is dripping from his head. The imam Mahdi will say to isa: “Come forward and lead the people in the prayer.” So ‘Isa will say to Imam Mahdi: “The prayer was established only for you.” So ‘Isa will pray behind Imam Mahdi.” [abu nu’aym, tabarani and suyuti akhbar al mahdi]

    “Our Lord, let not our hearts deviate after You have guided us and grant us from Yourself mercy. Indeed, You are the Bestower.” [ch 3 vs 8]

  29. You are delusional kid!

    Half your references from the Qu’ran state non-believers should be punished.( specifically 6:70-71) that they shall have boiling water poured down their throats.

    You have valid points for uneducated individuals, however if you read the books all as whole it’s contradictive of itself. Leaving belief the historians and scholars over the years have added false scripts purposely for personal gain or accidental of ignorance of translation which over the years lead to misinterpretation.


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