5 Good News Stories From the Muslim World

…… Here are 5 good news stories from the Muslim world:

Muslims in the UK Are Most Charitable

A recent survey of the different faith groups in the UK revealed that Muslims are the most charitable segment of society. (Click here) This is despite the fact that Muslims are one of the least well off segments of society too. On average, each Muslim donated £371 ($500) a year to charity as compared to roughly £170 ($230) for every Christian (and even less for atheists.)

Run for Charity


The research doesn’t take into account the huge amount of money that Muslims donate in charity that does not go through professional charities and is usually used to support people from their country of origin. If it did, it is likely that the figure would be many times that quoted.

Islamic School is the Best in France

When the French decided that liberte, egalite, fraternite (Liberty, equality, fraternity) translated into not allowing Muslim girls to wear a hijab in schools, there was a storm of protests. One group of Muslim parents decided to start up their own private school where their kids weren’t made to feel like criminals due to their faith. On the opening day, the number of reporters outnumbered the students and staff.

Things have changed dramatically with the school being highly sought after. It is exemplary in many ways with parents taking a keen interest in the running of it. A few years later and this experiment is not only flourishing but, in a recent report, the “Lycée Averroès” in Lille topped the rankings! …………

The Sisters Fight Back

………… When a Muslim sister got fired by Abercrombie and Fitch for wearing the hijab, she decided she wasn’t about to let them get away with it. She took them to court and won her case for unfair dismissal. (Click here) In Birmingham, a college with many Muslim students decided to ban the Niqab. They even had the support of the Prime Minister. But the students campaigned against the ban and in a smart move; the college repealed the ban realizing it was fundamentally unpopular and unfair.

First Muslim Fraternity in the US ………….

Turkey is Back …………….


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  1. Astaghfirullah. Try to do study about Islam as Ahmadiyya are declared Kuffar due to their wrong Aqeedah. I have become Muslim after a thorough study, why don’t you do right study. May Alllah swt give us hadaya

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