A Christian’s journey through Islam

Huff Post: by Jonas Yunus –

It makes no sense therefore to ask Muslims to be more moderate Muslims. In fact, we should support Muslims to be better Muslims, just like we should support Jews to be better Jews and Christians to be better Christians. Compassion, justice and humanity aren’t the result of moderate convictions, they’re the result of spirit and soul.

Brussels – All over the globe, the Muslim community finds itself caught in the middle of strenuous societal debates. With Islamophobia on the rise in the West and extremism in the name of Islam growing in the East -evidenced by sectarian violence in countries like Egypt, Syria and Pakistan – the debate is often presented as a clash between Western values and Islamic fundamentalism. Few people are aware however, how much internal debate is going on within the Muslim community itself. Old ideas are challenged, new groups are forming and all sorts of evolutions take place that do not fit the crude dichotomies of “secular versus religious” or “democracy versus Islam” that politics and the media so often adhere to when discussing current events.


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  1. The biggest shock I experience is when I fiddle with the dials on my radio to find some easy listening music. I like Pop music and modern music then I come across some wailing Imam chanting which I don’t understand and it sounds anachronistic just as if some Gregorian choir, which usually knows its place and respects the ears of its audience bounces around on the air waves.

    Young people have heard the word haram, haram so much that they are saying …

    I want to say you have squared up the situation I feel honestly. Yes there is an internal debate true and our young people will be the canaries in the coalmine.

    Old ideas are being rattled and shaken where ever we look. Comfort zones are great places to rest in but no places to stay in……..

    So take courage we are being sculptured every day not from without but from within and anything that is baggage has to be thrown over board to lighten the journey.

  2. sorry about the direct language
    Young people have heard the word haram, haram so much that they are saying rubbish rubbish…

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