Superman vs. Jesus

Huff Post: Superman is Jesus. More precisely, in the new movie, Superman: Man of Steel, we are meant to draw very distinct parallels between Superman and Jesus. Arguably, the movie goes a step further making Superman the modern-day, Americanized Jesus.

[If you have not seen the movie and do not want to be exposed to spoilers, bookmark this to read after you’ve seen the move. This article does make reference to some of the events in the movie.]

There should be little doubt that serious efforts were made to make connections between Superman and Jesus. In one scene, what is essentially a spirit form of Superman’s father, Jor-El, stands with his son looking over the Earth and tells him, “You can save her, son. You can save them all.” Then, Superman steps out into space, arms outstretched, his body in the perfect shape of a cross, and he does not rush off to save Lois Lane (and the rest of us) until the camera captures a full shot of that image. He is our savior.

Not just any savior. He is a savior that is both of this world and not of this world. As his Father, Jor-El, tells him, “You can embody the best of both worlds.” If Superman didn’t have a messiah complex before, surely having his dead father tell him that pushed him over the edge.


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