Day: June 22, 2013

End of the World?

Source: ET “It was just a bomb blast and not the end of the world,” this incisive observation was reportedly made by the Khyber-Pakthunkhwa (K-P) information minister while commenting on the suicide blast on a Shia imambargah, which killed at least 15 people this past Friday. Well, Minister, for those […]

Be merciful to the poor

DR. HAZEM SAID & MAHA EZZEDDINE ARABNEWS Friday 21 June 2013 ABU Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: Allah will say on the Day of Judgment, “Son of Adam, I was sick but you did not visit Me.” ‘My Lord, […]

Church without God

Source: CNN Godless congregations For Epstein, who started community-building at Harvard nearly 10 years ago, the idea of a godless congregation is not an oxymoron. “We decided recently that we want to use the word congregation more and more often because that is a word that strongly evokes a certain […]

Flooding in western Canada

Source: CNN (CNN) — A third person has died in the extensive flooding that has deluged entire towns and threatens even more communities in southern Alberta, Canada, authorities announced Saturday. The three victims, two females and a male, were all found in the Highwood River that runs through the town of […]

Qatari Military Officers Supplied Chemical Weapons to Syria Insurgents. Turkey was Informed.

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc),- Chemicals, which were used in a chemical weapons attack against Syrian civilians in the Khan al-Asal district of Aleppo in March 2013, have been delivered to the insurgents by two Qatari military officers. The Qatari officers transported the chemicals through Turkey. Turkish authorities had foreknowledge and approved […]

Dangerous statements

Source: ET That extremism and a radical mindset, as well as a disregard for the norms of justice, have seeped deeply into our society is something that has been quite apparent for a long time now. But to see its manifestation in the form of an elected parliamentarian demanding the […]