End of the World?

Source: ET

“It was just a bomb blast and not the end of the world,” this incisive observation was reportedly made by the Khyber-Pakthunkhwa (K-P) information minister while commenting on the suicide blast on a Shia imambargah, which killed at least 15 people this past Friday. Well, Minister, for those 15 people, it was the “end of the world”. The apocalyptic phrase was impossible to banish this past Friday for another reason. Shaheed Benazir Bhutto would have been 60 on Friday, had she been alive. She is not alive and that was the end of the world for many; in any case, it seems to be the end of a particular world. Shaheed BB is always missed, but we are in a different world now. In a world where TTP terrorists attack buses filled with girl medical students and funerals, while members of parliament from the revolutionary party find it to be a reaction to drone attacks. It was a shame that the Interior Minister, having taken the trouble of travelling all the way to Balochistan, could not fit the attending of the funeral or even condoling with the families of the girls killed in the blast in his schedule. An enlightened member of parliament recently expressed his views on how society can probably do without co-education, if the TTP so desires. The good doctor was gracious enough to stop short of prohibiting all education for women. This is why Shaheed BB is missed. The world of moral heroism that she brought us has ended.


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